Dear White People

Dear White people,
You have probably seen the videos of Philando Castille. You have probably heard his 4 year daughter and girlfriend cry terrified in the back of a police car.
I have written about this so many times... but the voices of black people in America will not be heard. They are not cared about. Simply put, it does not matter how much black people protest or speak up, they will keep killing them. 

The system is NOT for all, justice is NOT for all. Obviously, black lives DO NOT matter. What needs to change is WHO speaks up.

All of you white people who are commenting on these videos, outraged and sad about the injustice you see, a Facebook comment will  not change anything. You, marching up in the streets, voting for justice will change something. You will not get shot protesting, you will not be told "oh slavery ended a long time ago" protesting. If enough of you stand up for the social injustices that are robbing families of their fathers, sons, brothers, daughters, wives and sisters; you will make a change. If you stand up together and say no to the system that only listens to you, you will stop everyday murder.

Until then, there will be another Philando, Rice, or Trayvon. 

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