I finally found the perfect Hair Salon for ME in Jullz Creations!

I get asked quite often where I get my hair done. First of all let me tell you that it has been quite a feat trying to find a good hair salon, not only good but professional. When I say hair salon, I mean BLACK hair salon. I have tried your regular hair salons, average and upscale and they generally do not know what to do and how to deal with black hair. So I usually used to end up with a good haircut that would only work for that one day and then once my hair got wet, I would be left to my own devices.

I tried so many hair salons, black hair salons in the city but they are often over priced ( please note that I, like so many other black women, don't mind paying the right price for the right service). These hair salons don't have a level of professionalism that you would find at "other" hair salons. I'm sure many of us black
Women can attest to going to a hair salon for a simple wash and style and it taking 5 hours or more because that particular hair salon is so disorganized. Have you sat under the hair dryer and wondered if they all together forgot about you? This is a big problem in the hair community for us women of ethnic hair.

There's so much anecdotes I can tell you about my hair salon experiences but I'll stop here. I have great news! I have found a place, where I can have my hair done, in a professional manner. All my hair needs are met in a timely manner and I just wanted to share this with my sisters still out there looking. 
The owner, Miss Julietta, is a seasoned hair professional with more than 15 years experience. She is familiar and very knowledgable about ALL types of hair. Her hair salon offers all types of services and these services are delivered in a TIMELY manner. 
Needless to say that my long search has come to an end! 
You don't believe me? 
Check out some of her work on my hair:


Check out her information on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JulzzCreations/

And her website at:

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