A human being is dead. A man is dead. A father is dead. A black man is dead. 

What excuse is there this time? He had a gun on his person. He had a criminal record and he was selling CD's at the corner store. Now, according to Witness statement to the Advocate, the police officers were very aggressive since the beginning. Sterling did have a gun, but he was not holding it or reaching for his pockets during the incident. In fact, if you watch the video, you will find that Alton Sterling is grabbed and tackled into the hood of a car by one officer, before being slammed to the pavement. You then see another officer kneeling on Sterling. As I watched the man on the pavement, I couldn't imagine staying still while I was being crushed by 2 officers, possibly and very probably restricting my airways. Anyway, after a few seconds of Sterling being restrained, one of the officers yells,''he's got a gun!". The officer kneeling on Sterling then draws his weapon and one of them says, " if you fucking move, I swear to God!"
One of the Police officers is heard saying something unintelligible, followed by two shots and the bystander recording the incident drops the cell phone. Three more shots are heard after a brief pause.
Sterling was pronounced dead at the scene. He was shot multiple times in the back and chest.

I cannot believe another life has been lost in these circumstances, AGAIN! This is NOT aaceptable by human standards. This is a death that could have been avoided. This is a death that didn't have to happen, just like Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, etc. and these are the ones who made it in the news. Imagine those we don't hear about?

How did I find out about this? scrolling through instagram this morning, I started noticing yet another hashtag. I thought to myself, what is this about, I hope it is not what I think. I decided to research further about this Alton man everyone was talking about. I wanted to read about the circumstances surrounding his death before watching the video because I didn't want my emotions to overrule the ''reality'' of the situation. After reading countless articles, I watched the video and let me tell you, I felt sick to my stomach.

I don't care about the criminal background of this man, all I care about is the human being restrained on the pavement who clearly did not have to be shot in cold blood. This once again makes me think of the big problem we have in this society. (Not that I need a reminder). People are going to start saying how black people are once again playing the race card. They will say, "oh these people are always looking for something to complain about". People will plainly ignore it and go on with their lives because it does not concern them. Racism and prejudice is not a factor in their lives and so they ignore these things that happen. IT HAS TO STOP. People need to band together and understand this is not just a black problem. It will not change unless everyone becomes conscious. This man did not die because he had a gun in his pocket, which by the way is acceptable and lawful within the Louisiana/New Orleans gun laws. That was just the excuse for his death. He died because those officers handled him with prejudiced hate. he died because they did not use the same courtesy they would use on a white man. He was not human enough or important enough or white enough for them to consider going a different route that would have preserved his life. There I said it, and instead of getting upset about it, and refusing to face the truth just like people got upset at Jesse Williams last week, think about why this keeps happening. Think about why there's no convictions for all these officers who are essentially murderers. This will keep happening unless the police officials stand up and say, This is UNACCEPTABLE and CONVICTABLE behavior.
Rest In Peace Alton Sterling.

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