Power Couplin'

Hello Lovely People!
Hope you are all having eventful weekends... in a good way...

Here is a not so new concept ...Power Couple: I have heard of this term before but always thought it was a bit cheesy. It kept coming up during our vacation trip a week ago and now I see it differently and I can even relate to it.

I have been with my man-friend for a long time now ( I can't say boyfriend, i'm not 15 anymore haha, and I keep wondering where is the ring? lol hint hint). For that long while, I have grown tremendously as a person and as a half in the relationship. We have gone through ups and downs and come out of it all stronger.
Our relationship is not perfect by all means but it is real. We have the same end goal and we work together at it. We haven't always been like this though.
A relationship takes a lot of work. In the past, whenever we had a tiff whether big or small, I would get mad and just close up. I think he did the same. Our egos constantly got in the way of growth. We spent more energy fighting against each other than being a team. What I have realized now is that once we decided to drop the ego, things have changed for the better. We still bump heads and probably always will... it's still us ( and frankly making up is fun *wink-wink*); however, we now are less strung out and more open to understanding each other. We both know we are different. We know each others flaws and weaknesses and instead of focusing on changing one another, we focus on completing one another. Our differences have become our strength as a unit. What I lack in someways, Lloyd has and what he lacks, I have. We both want to accomplish greatness in life and we support each other to get there. This is what makes us a power couple. Nothing can get between us. We got to a point where trust and love is more important than anything. What we have built and invested together is bigger than anything outside of us.
This man is who I see myself with at my worst and my best because I know he accepts me however I am.