Working Out Ain't Hard To Do!

Hello Lovely People!

First of all, I want to thank all of you following my blog! I have received the messages and I really appreciate them :) I will do a Q&A soon I promise.

So, This is going to be a quick post about one of my new year resolutions : Get in Amazing shape. When you say getting in shape, people think, loosing weight most of the time. I do not mean loosing weight. I mean cardio, I mean defined abs, legs and buttocks.
I always viewed working out as a chore. I had to change my view and actually view it as something I could enjoy. Over a year ago, I started doing Hot Yoga so I slowly got into that lifestyle. 3 months ago, I slowly started going to the gym and I also made a home gym (nothing crazy just a few essentials. If you're interested I will write a post about it). I combined good eating habits ( never skip breakfast!!!!!) and an active lifestyle. I am so happy to say that since I started feeling so good! I mean, I have more energy, more patience, I feel good and strong overall.

If you're looking for a good work out routine, I recommend figuring out what would work in your daily life. For me, I try to do something everyday. If I'm not doing yoga, spin or at the gym, I work out at home. You can use your home as working out tool. Do some simple research online and you will find a lot of resources. I love the blog  http://fitnessista.com/. You can find lots of pointers there!


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