Hello Lovely people,

Sorry I have been M.I.A this week. I have been dealing with some personal things, also my daughter's birthday was this week which makes for a lot of party prep. I can't believe she's now 4 years old. It really seems as if she only was born last week.
Anyway, so that is a little bit of my week. I feel tired and very glad it is a long weekend. I sometimes enjoy some alone time. I love my man but I'm enjoying today. sometimes I need some down time with my own thoughts (All Aquarius people can relate). I think he's a little bit of the same being a Scorpio guy ( yes I can hear you guys flinch ahaha)

Just like every relationship, we got through up weeks and down weeks. It's hard to maintain a constantly happy go lucky felling. Although I am happy and grateful everyday, I get tired, we get tired, we both work hard and sometimes we are just grumpy towards each other. Who better to take out your frustrations than your significant other?

In other news, I have been working on my health, trying to work out more but like I mentioned, I've had a low energy week. I'm hoping to change that around this week though.

I have some exciting things coming for the blog though so keep posted!

love and light~!


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