Dandelions are Better than Roses when they come from your darling daughter. Happy Mother's Day!

Like so many say, there is no love like a mother's love. I love my daughter to the ends of the universe and I'm so blessed to have her. How do I know this? Because when she makes me so angry, the next minute she does something so adorable and I can't help but smile. That is unconditional love.
What do mothers want more than anything on mother's day? Number one is a few hours off mother duties because we all know, mothers barely ever get a break. Personally, I did spend some time with my daughter today but I'm skipping the bedtime routine tonight.
As mothers, we should remember that before mothers, we are women. Let's not give up that aspect of us because the happier we are, the happier our children will be.

As for the husbands, give your wives a spa day and take care of everything! An off day means for her to come home and not worry about cleaning up the mess amassed while she was not there.

Happy Mother's day to my mothers, my wonderful friends and everyone else who has experienced the pleasure and pain of being a mother. ( In every sense of the word).

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