Random thoughts of a restless mind

#28. I love African movies but the should be rehearsed a little bit more

#75. Why didn't I know about Scott Eastwood?

#5. Is life supposed to be this hard? Maybe those people living Au-naturelle in the Amazonian forest have it right

#6. Ok, maybe not... I love my everyday comforts... I'm a product of my environment

#30. Haters don't really hate you, in fact they hate themselves because you're a reflection of what they wish they could be.

#14. Is there a real reason why the alphabet needs to be in that order? Numbers yes... Alphabet... NO!

#97. Sundays always feel like the end.

#65. I miss sleep, real 18hour sleep, countdown till Lea is 18: 15 years and  1 month

#148. If you ever wonder what my mind feels like, imagine your browser with 1470 tabs open and operating at the same damn time

#155. Worst nightmare for an ocd cleaning freak: a grown man who leaves a trail of clothes to the shower and a 4 year old who leaves a trail of everything to everywhere!!!


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