Loves Mes and Loves me Nots

Hello beautiful people!

Last night, I was thinking about judgement. People judge all the time for different reasons but one of the more prominent reasons I think they do it,  is because of their own insecurities. People hate to see confidence, they don't like it when they see things in you what they wish they had and so they put you down to bring you down you their level (or at least what they feel is their level).

Excessively caring about what people think about you will hold you back. I think people will always judge the good and the bad. You can do right for 10 straight years and the minute you make a mistake, those 10 years are erased. People will always focus on the negative so the only winning thing to do is stay in the light and just be positive. Be your best advocate. Be your best fan and forget about the loves me and loves me not's.

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