#Lovenomatterwhat It couldn't get any more real

Growing up, I was never that girl who dreamed about a princess wedding. Weddings, marriages and soul mates and all that "rubbish" seemed like novelistic ideas. It is not because I did not believe in love though. I did think some people had that real love but I had never really witnessed it first hand. I grew up feeling like I could be in a relationship with someone but never get attached enough to need them when they are gone. I was self sufficient and thought I was immune to that lovey dovey stuff, that is, until I met Him. (Yes, it is cliché... But couldn't be any truer)

It was not easy at first as we are both hard headed and opinionated people. He stood his ground while I did mine, denying and lying to ourselves that we couldn't possibly need each other. I found myself fighting against something that I couldn't fight. I was feeling like for once, I was supposed to know this someone. I was surprising myself, I was finally letting myself FEEL. I started liking having him around, I liked the way only he could drive me mad, I liked our random conversations, I liked how he teased me, I liked how he was not afraid of telling me the truth about anything ( Yes, hunny, your butt does look huge in those jeans haha ) and I even liked our fights. I liked his brutal honesty and his boyish, tall, dark and handsome looks, and yeah who could deny the British accent?  and then I loved. I loved his heart, I loved his mind, his goodness, his flaws, his sometimes annoying perfectionism. I loved his work ethic, dedication and passion. And the humor. I've never met anyone with a more sarcastic humour. My favourite! I love our banter and endless laughs about random stuff.

But, what I love the most is the way he makes me a better me. He inspires me to become a better me in all parts. I want him to be proud and impressed with me. Why? Because I am proud and impressed with him everyday! Ok, maybe not everyday because sometimes we are like cat and dog haha. But joking aside, I'm constantly impressed with his love as a father, his work ethic ( I don't know where he gets the energy). I am constantly reminded how lucky I am to have him. I wish I could say it more than I do (perhaps because I don't want it go get to his head haha) but I've always been better with words on a "paper". I appreciate all those things so much, but most of all, I love the man he is and that he never stops evolving as a person. 

In the 6 years I've known him, I just wanted to pay tribute to this amazing father, partner in life and crime, and friend. I now believe in soul mates! And this time I don't cringe to the word so I thank him for making me a believer!


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