Fighing is good

My boyfriend and I fight on occasion. Sometimes for silly things like the fact that he hates how I forget to close kitchen cupboards and how he runs into them because he's tall; or how I hate the fact that he always leaves his pants and socks on the bathroom floor. Sometimes it's big fights and they are the ones that push us out of our comfort zones and make us grow and stronger. 

 Fighting is good for a relationships.

You cannot stay stagnant, you've got to grow and learn and grow some more. My question is, do we put less work in our relationships and more work in the actual appearance of it? Why do we care so much about what others think of our relationships? I recently realized, I used to care way too much what people thought of my relationship, However in the last few months, I literally slapped myself after the realization that I could never please eveybody. I stopped caring so much about what others think. The only opinion that truly counts, is the one that I have of myself. The most important thing is that I am happy and secure in my relationship.

 I apply this philosophy on mySelf daily. I have wasted so much time and energy caring about what people thought of me and now I want to get that time back. I accept my imperfections and love them because they make me who I am. Yes,  I am not perfect, I have bad days sometimes. I sometimes spend my days off doing NOTHING and that makes me very happy. I sometimes lose my patience with Léa, I sometimes have to lock myself in a room to regroup, I watch way too much junk TV, I sometimes don't brush my hair with a proper brush for a whole week because I can't be bothered. I do embarrassing things in the privacy of my home all the time! 

Anyway, despite all of this, I am proud and confident of who I am. I am not out to prove any points about myself or my relationship. We spend so much time thinking or caring about what everyone else thinks when our own opinion of self is the worst. That is who we need to worry about. We can live life for other people.

 Also when it comes to relationships, if the work and energy put in making sure it looks good from the outside was actually put in relationships they would last and prosper. That was According to me, but according to you, are we more concerned about how we look to others? Are we more preoccupied about other's perceptions of our relationships than we are about working on the relationships?

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