Yes, I said it, they are Credit crack

Dear average poor person,

Here is the hard truth. The system is against you. If you dream of big things and you are still doing the same 9-5 job, you will never get there. Sorry to burst your bubble, but ten year from now, you will still be paying your credit cards off and your debt will seem to be getting higher instead. It is not your fault though, you don't know any better and honestly, you are in an invisible prison. The American dream died a long time ago. Hard work doesn't mean you will get equal income. Most likely, the harder your job is, the lower your pay is. That is capitalism my friend. Your only way out, is FORGET ABOUT CREDIT CARDS. Once you pay them off, forget them. You will suffer but you will get used to it. Remove that dependency. This will be Like quitting crack cocaine.Once the credit crack is gone, you will need to think outside of the box. Do not quit your job, but think of the one thing you've always wanted to do. Think about your passion. why? Passion drives you. Passion leads to success. When you are passionate by something, you do not tire, you keep working until it works. Do not give up. 1 success is preceded by 1000 failures. Innovate yourself, never stop learning.  Slowly but surely, you will start breaking away from the mold. Slowly, you will start to fly.

Trust me, I'm poor like you dear poor person, but I'm breaking away from the mold, slowly but surely.
Also, Have you seen that video of the guy who loses it at work? We are bound to snap one day... Check this out!


A concern citizen

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